TJ Saxophone Artists - Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett


Signature Custom



London based Sam Barnett was our first ever Trevor James 'Emerging Artist, and now has broken out into the world of Jazz, and is a full blown Trevor James 'Artist'.

His enthusiasm for the sax is boundless and for anybody who has met him, you’ll already know that he is a complete whirlwind of energy!

Put some serious natural talent and drive in to the mix, stir it carefully with the attention and support from his wonderful parents, friends, Berklee, The Purcell School, Jazz FM, Royal Academy of Music Junior Jazz dept in London, Tomorrow’s Warriors, NYJO, and of course his chosen Signature Custom RAW saxophones, and you have the recipe for a stunning talent!

Sam has been playing the SC RAW alto for some time so we are delighted to have him also playing our award winning Signature Custom RAW XS tenor as his horn of choice.